Dive into the fully immersive HTC Vive adventure

The HTC Vive entered the Virtual Reality market with a completely immersive helmet using unique processes. Valve and HTC combined their knowledge to offer a new experience. The head-mounted display is used with Lighthouses, linkbox and wireless controllers. The sensors and captors allow a perfect tracking of the controllers' and the helmet's movements. HTC Vive's performance is outstanding : a 110° field of vision, a 90 Hz refresh rate and a 2160 x 1200 pixels resolution. The efficient tracking, the intuitive controls and the HD haptic feedback contributes to the incomparable adventure. The helmet has 32 sensors and the controllers 24, which create a fluid with zero latence immersion. Thanks to the SteamVR you can access numerous games and VR contents easily. The adjustable strips and the foam allow the HTC Vive to fit to the shape of your face and provide a comfortable experience. To enjoy at the maximum the VR world, we offer you different accessories that will protect and improve the user's adventure. Our GelShell cover will protect your HTC Vive and your Controllers from scratches and false movements that can happen during a total immersion. As a second skin, these very thin cover allow a better grip and are available in different colors for a cool look. During fairs or games sessions, the VR helmet goes from hands to hands. The foam being in direct contact with multiple users, bacterias can proliferate. VR experience can be very intensive and sweat happens quickly. To protect your material we highly recommend you to use disposal masks or cover that are easily cleanable with disinfecting wipes. Hygiene is crucial to propose a comfortable adventure. Our wide range of protective products allow you to enjoy your virtual world without worrying about your equipment's safety. We provide you convenient, protective and hygienic solutions.