Experience the most hygienical and clean virtual immersion

Physical protection against scratches and damages is crucial, but don't underestimate the invisible threat of bacterias. A virtual experience can be very intense and germs could proliferate in the head-mounted display's foam through sweat. VR headsets are often shared by numerous users especially during fairs, trade shows or game sessions which cause the transmission of those bacterias. To ensure an hygienical adventure, multiple solutions exist. Cleaning wipes are easy to use and permit to clean quickly waterproof covers. With one wipe you eliminate all the bacterias and microbes and avoid transmission from one user to another. It is an affordable, quick, simple and practical solution to ensure comfort and hygiene to the users. In case of intensive usage, you could also opt for disposable masks. Very handy, they act as a barrier between your material and the user's skin and absorb the sweat. The headset is therefore protected and clean. Thin and compatible with every VR HMD (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Paystation VR....) they do not obstruct the field of vision and are comfortable. These single use protections are highly recommended for professional during exhibitions and fairs. Different models are available. It is a convenient and very economical way to maintain a clean material. Thanks to this simple non-woven fabric solution, user will not hesitate a second diving into your immersion and you will durably protect your material. Moreover, don't forget to clean your VR lenses with the right product. VR equipment is fragile and as it is heavily manipulated, it often needs to be cleaned. For the VR lenses, we offer wipes that clean without leaving marks and which are adapted to multi-reflective glass. Lens Cleaning Wipes help dispaying a clear and net image. Offer the most comfortable and hygienical experience to your users while assuring the durability of your Virtual Reality equipment.