Enjoy at the maximum your Oculus Rift thanks to accessories

Dive into the Rift adventure. The Oculus Rift head-mounted display is completely unique. You can immerse in your favorite game, in a VR film or simply enjoy a virtual moment with friends. The image is so realistic that you will have the impression to live the moment as you were there. This device is very elaborated in its design and manufacturing. Personnalizable, adjustable and comfortable are the main words to describe this cutting-edge technology. The equipment is easy to use and quick to install. The Oculus Rift helmet includes a removable audio headset that pushes the immersion even further. Moreover, the controllers are designed to be intuitive and to fit perfectly in your hand. The 2 160 x 1 200 pixels resolution is one of the best on the actual market. This Rift Virtual Reality headset is made to be comfortable even during long sessions of more than 5 hours, the product was designed to avoid headaches. Oculus' priority was to provide a pleasant adventure for intensive usage. Professional content developer and gamers will appreciate this crucial feature. Often used during trade shows or exhibitions, your Oculus Rift is subject to many manipulations. Don't forget to protect your helmet so it can resist to intensive usage. During fairs or game sessions, helmets are shared by multiple users, the problem of hygiene then arise. The helmet being in direct contact with the skin, bacterias present in sweat will proliferate. To respond to this crucial matter, we offer bespoke, simple and efficient solutions. Disposable masks are a good protective solution, they act as a barrier, absorb the sweat and keep the foam 100% clean. You could also opt for Covers, available in different material, these thin protections provide an extra comfort and are easily cleanable. A simple disinfecting wipe is enough to elimitate the bacterias. Discover also our transport solutions, to carry conveniently and easily all your VR equipment.