Uncover the Playstation Virtual Reality full experience

The Playstation VR by Sony is new member of the PS4 family. No matter what PS4 console you have, you are ready for the VR. As the PSVR is working with a home console, VR is very accessible and within reach of your fingertips. Its OLED screen displays outstanding 3D environments. Thanks to the PS VR you dive into an absorbing and living 360° world. With a field of vision of 100° you can live videogames, movies, and many more, as you were there. A multitude of games and contents are available to create a whole new universe in the center of your house. With its 120 images per seconde, the graphisms are fluid which is perfect for a video game immersion. On top of the visual immersion, with its 3D audio system you feel that the different sounds come from all around you. Thanks to the Playstation Camera and its captors, the Playstation Controllers' PS Moves and the helmet's movements are tracked. To enjoy safely your virtual immersion in your living room, you need to protect your equipment. You will find on Govark different accessories to protect your precious material against accidental falls, false movements and bacterias. Whether you are a professional and use VR in exhibitions and fairs, a gamer that likes to immerse in an other world, a VR content developer, or a digital arcade, discover all the Playstation Virtual Reality accessories that will satisfy all your needs. We offer covers, PS Moves Controllers skin, hygienic masks and protections and even solution to transport and store your material safely. Accessories are also a good way to personnalize your equipment at your image and be unique in the real world as in the virtual world. All our accessories are designed to bring comfort, softness, safety and convenience to your virtual experience. We want you to experiment virtuality without having to worry about anything except having fun.