Benefit from a convenient and easy virtual adventure with Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR beneficiates from the Oculus technology. The 2560 x 1440p resolution enables it to be a major competitor in the head-mounted display sector. Once the Samsung Gear VR is installed on your face, you have a field of vision of 101° and a spatial sound. Light-weighted (345 gr), this device is also comfortable and pleasant to wear. The Gear VR has captors, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a gyroscope that helps the experience to be more than real. With a smooth and performant head tracking, your movement are faithfully reproduced into the virtual world. Its compatibility with multiple Galaxy smartphone (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge +, S7, S7 edge and S8) and the fact that it is working without computer makes it very accessible and convenient to use. With the Gear VR you can access an infinity of content developed for the VR on Oculus platform. You can play games, watch videos, experience virtual tours and many more. During trade show or game sessions, the Gear VR can go from one user to another. The problem is that the sweat will be soaked up in the foam, enabling germs to proliferate. To counter this, we offer easy and convenient solutions. First of all, you could opt for a waterproof replacement foam, this new foam will not absorb sweat and is very easy to clean with a cleaning wipe. Designed for the Gear VR, it fit perfectly the HMD and your face contours. Moreover, this cover offer extra comfort and is appreciable during long sessions. Secondly, you could choose a disposable mask that will stop the sweat from getting to the foam. To improve the user's experience and the durability for your material, we offer protection, and hygiene devices that will fit your Samsung VR. You will find covers, carry bags and disposable masks that will respond to your professional and individual applications at work, at home or on the go.