Install your VR equipment easily and safely with stands and fixations

The Virtual Reality equipment can be difficult to install and to fix. The material is fragile and it needs to be stable to ensure a performant and immersive experience. We offer you adaptable solutions to safely fix your sensors and other VR devices. Easy to use and rapid to install, these solutions are perfect to adapt to each environment. No more sliding or slipping of your material, you will be able to adjust and rotate precisely your material and stabilize it. With the same equipment you will be able to create an infinity of different settings. You want to fix sensors, camera and other devices at home or in a stand in a fair, trade show or exhibition? Discover stands and fixations to safely put in place the most performant setup. An efficient and performing installation allows a precise tracking of movement and an immersive restitution in the virtual environment. We selected easy to use, convenient and performant fixing solutions. Deploying you VR space is now a child's play and can be done in few minutes. With their optimized and reduced sizes our selected stands and fixations will easily fit in your carry bag or case. Fixations equipment are particularly useful to fix HTC Vive's lighthouses. But are also compatible with other head-mounted displays (Oculus Rift, PSVR and others...). Made from resistant and durable material, they allow a steady fixation without having to drill. Discover the Sensor Clamp Mount from Hyperkin. Thanks to this device, you can safely attach your sensor, camera and captors. Completely adjustable, you can set up your material as you want. Composed of a spring clamp, the uninstallation is as quick as the installation. Light-weight, it does not overload your equipment when you are on the move. Discover reliable stand and fixation that will help you putting in place performant VR setups.