Carry and store safely all your Virtual Reality equipment

The Virtual Reality equipment is fragile, therefore it is highly recommended to protect it during storage and transport. To keep a performant working material, use after use, we offer you resistant backpacks and bags. To store or to secure during travel, you will find bespoke protective solutions for your precious VR material. Convenient and durable, these bags enable you to protect your equipment in the long term. Thanks to the modular compartiments, you will be able to organize your bag as you wish and in accordance with your material (sensors, captors, controllers, head-mounted display, lighthouses, linkbox, PS move...) and also cables and charger. You will also certainly find a place for your fixations and installations devices. Most of the VR bags are compatible with every VR Headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR...) thanks to their modular compartiments that permits to adapt to the size of the headset and to arrange freely the storage. These protective and carry equipments are suitable for every person who has VR material. The VR technology is fragile and vulnerable to dust and falls. If you are a professional attending fairs and transporting your VR material or an individual wanting to store securely your equipment, VR bag is the inescapable accessory. With a good protection you can travel without worrying about scratches and damages, your HMD and accessoires will be safe. The Hyperkin's Carry Bag Rook is a must-have, its foam paddings are very protective and thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, you can transport easily and conveniently your equipment. Hyperkin is a specialist in buffering your VR equipment through bags but also thanks to HMD cover. If you are interested in protecting your VR material at the maximum, check also our covers. Discover below our convenient and protective solutions for all your VR equipment.